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Lenovo QT83 Headphone Earbuds Airpho Dre Pro Headset Earphone China Bulk Neckband Headphone Best Wireless Headphones

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Lenovo QT83 Headphone Stereo Custom Android With Hook Oem Mini Waterproof Sports Headband Gaming China Tws Wireless Headphones
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Product Description

Description for Lenovo QT83

1. Wireless 5.0 chip transmission, faster and more stable. 2. Intelligent noise reduction, Hifi sound quality. 3. Fingerprint touch makes the operation easier. 4. Support high-definition call and one-key call voice assistant. 5. Automatically remember to connect to Wireless, which is very convenient. 6. The battery has a large capacity and can last for a long time. 7. Compatible with most Android/IOS devices on the market. 8. You can carry and use it anytime, anywhere. Product specifications: 1. Charging box battery capacity: 450mAh 2. Working distance: about 10m (without obstacles) 3. Battery life: about 4 hours 4. Product weight: 150g

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0.15kgs / 2.63lb
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10.20kgs / 22.49lb
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42cm * 36cm * 31cm / 16.54inch * 14.17inch * 12.2inch
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